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Special Purpose Machines  |  Industrial Process Automation  |  Machine Automation  |  Hydraulic Systems  |  Hydraulic Power Pack & Cylinders  |  Machine Vision Systems  |  PLC, HMI, SCADA Systems…….

Complete Industrial Solutions…

Whether you want to control force, speed, or position, VEDANT ENGINEERING SERVICES has the right hydraulic & automation solution for your industrial application…..

Hydraulic Power Packs & Cylinders

Trust “VEDANT ENGINEERING SERVICES” to know which hydraulic solution is right for your application, saving you time and money…..

Custom Hydraulic & Automation Systems

When “off the shelf” won’t fit your application, we have Fluid Power Specialists and Automation Engineers to specify and design a custom hydraulic system for you…..

Industrial Automation

PLC, HMI, SCADA Based Process Automation  |  Machine Automation  |  Turnkey Automation Projects…..


Special Purpose Machines

SPM For Your Industry whether it’s automobile, machining, material handling, mining, molding, utility and power, agriculture, auto bus and truck, construction, earth moving, forestry,  or any other…..

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Excellence Through Quality

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We are engaged in the manufacturing and supplying a wide range of Industrial Equipment. To cater distinct industry sectors, we have been manufacturing equipment like Special Purpose Machines, Industrial Systems, Hydraulic Equipments, Hydraulic Cylinders, Hydraulic Power Pack, Hydraulic Press, Control Panels, Industrial Process Automation, Machine Automation, Industrial Vision Systems, PLC, HMI & SCADA Software Development.

We have been manufacturing all these quality machines for years now. We have a modern manufacturing unit with all the latest machines. We constantly upgrade our equipment and incorporate latest technology and manufacturing methods. We have a large infrastructure to handle fluctuations of market and economy.

Whether it’s automobile, agriculture, auto bus and truck, construction, earth moving, forestry, machining, material handling, mining, molding, utility and power, or any other.

  • Standard Hydraulic & Automation Systems 
    Trust VEDANT ENGINEERING SERVICES to know which hydraulic or automation solution is right for your application, saving you time and money.
  • Custom Industrial Systems
    When “ off the shelf ” won’t fit your application, we have Fluid Power, Electrical, Electronics Specialists and Engineers to specify and design a custom Industrial System for you.
  • Industrial Hydraulic & Automation Systems
    Whether you want to control force, speed, or position, “VEDANT ENGINEERING SERVICES” has “Complete Industrial Solution” for your application.

We are strict about quality parameters of our product. Our Hydraulic Equipment are durable, anti-resistant and efficient. We procure exceptional quality raw materials only from reliable vendors. Our team comprises professionals who are extremely innovative and have vast experience in manufacturing sector. Our Hydraulic Equipment are widely used in industries such as building & construction, agriculture, automobile, heavy electrical.

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PLC Based Systems
PLC Based Systems
Special Purpose Machines
Special Purpose Machines
Custom Hydraulic Systems
Custom Hydraulic Systems
Industrial Automation
Industrial Automation

What We Do


Every Industry is in under constant pressure to cut costs, increasing output, reduce energy use and improve safety. Vedant Engineering Services taking initiative to improve your business line through cost-effective and proven industrial solutions. Where we initiate to perform on solutions to achieve better results.


Solving our customers’ problems is our passion. As a technology leader, we recognize that the key to customer satisfaction and our long-term success is to anticipate customer needs and develop new technologies and innovative solutions that provide our customers with a distinct competitive advantage.


We develop new technologies and Investigate potential growth areas for our customers. Our belief is that every Creativity should start with understanding the world around us. We believe that advancement is driven by the needs of our users and the marketplace. We will continuously strive to ensure our concepts to bring value to our clients.



We provide the maintenance & service for Hydraulic Equipments, Industrial Systems, Automation Systems. We have...


We have our own repairing facility at our premises to support our after sales activity or requirement of those cus...


Our Specialize Team can take Machine or system online through special online software’s like Team viewer Etc. in Emergen...


We are offering Hydraulic, PLC, HMI, SCADA based control solutions that can replace older low productivity systems that ...

Customized Machines & Automation Solutions...

Special Purpose machines  |  Hydraulic Systems  |  Hydraulic Power Pack & Cylinders  |  Hydraulic Press  |  Industrial Automation Services  |  Machine Automation  |  Process Automation  |  Assembly Line Automation  |  Customized Testing Systems  |  PLC  |  HMI  |  SCADA System Development |  PLC Programming Services  |  Hydraulic Accessories

Our Vision & Mission


To enlarge our product portfolio and production capacities in each of our businesses leveraging our domain knowledge, expertise and resources by fostering global partnerships and alliances to become leading global player with dominant market share.

• To be the partner of choice for our customers by providing technology based world class products and performance enhancing services tailored to meet their requirements.

• To develop bench mark innovations and technologies to suit the changing requirements of the customers & the industry by continuous investments in updating our manufacturing & human resources.

• To provide total customer satisfaction through quality products and services at competitive costs.

• To attain the leadership in technology, quality, services and costs with integrity and stability.


To follow the best practices as a responsible corporate and contribute in sustainable development of the society including employees.

• To preserve and enhance the integrity in all our business dealings by continuous monitoring, control and interventions without any compromises and concessions.

• To achieve leading position in each of our business sector by sustainable and profitable growth creating long term wealth for the stackholders.

• To provide total customer satisfaction through quality products and services at competitive costs.

• To make continuous up gradation in our products through innovation anticipating the needs of our markets and customers.

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