Manufacturing Automation

Industrial Automation

Companies grow and often need to improve the efficiency of established manufacturing processes in order to achieve product delivery schedules. Perhaps the company needs faster machines that reduce cycle time and requires less operators. A better data collection system with additional process controls in place that track and control movement of product through the factory. Perhaps the company needs to tie multiple machines together through a single HMI interface and master controller that coordinates all the individual manufacturing equipment. Whatever the Manufacturing Automation need, many factors affect the selection and implementation of specific equipment into a facility. The ADB Automation Group assists clients with Manufacturing Automation by developing and proposing End-to-End manufacturing solutions that meets our client’s immediate need but that are also scalable to meet future needs.

We builds custom machines and custom integrate manufacturing equipment together to perform specific requirements driven functions or tasks. We then tie the equipment together through a master controller PLC based system that connects to a HMI or SCADA and periodically reports into the product tracking system and the quality management system. This format lets out clients run potentially an entire factory one HMI / SCADA interface location.

We deals in :-

  • Industrial Process Control Automation
  • Machine Automation
  • Plant Automation
  • Process Control
  • Condition Monitoring
  • Process Data Acquisition
  • PLC & SCADA Based Automation
  • Machine Vision Systems
  • Automation As Per Customers Specifications
  • VFD Based Speed Controllers
  • PLC, HMI, Drives
  • PLC & HMI Programming
  • SCADA Software Development
  • Servo & Stepper Systems
  • LabView System Development