PLC Programming Services

Vedant Engineering Services can upgrade your manufacturing equipment with new PLC controls and software. Alternatively, we can troubleshoot existing PLC-related problems.

Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) are special purpose control systems designed to run many Computer/Controller Aided Manufacturing (CAM) systems. A PLC may be a simple logic sequence executer or it may be complex such as PLC system with multiple inputs and outputs for reading and interpreting digital and analog signals from sensors. PLC programming requires a specialized professional to input information into PLC to avoid machine malfunction. This programming is of extreme importance to industrial applications. It is applied technology integrated into many subsystems. Advantages of PLC programming are:

1. Very fast
2. Easy to change logic i.e. flexibility
3. Reliable due to absence of moving parts
4. Low power consumption
5. Easy maintenance due to modular assembly
6. Facilities in fault finding and diagnostic
7. Capable of handling of very complicated logic operations
8. Good documentation facilities
9. Easy to couple with the process computers
10. Analog signal handling and close loop control programming
11. Counter, timer and comparator can be programmed
12. Ease operator interface due to colourographic and advisory system introduction

Our programmers and engineers have extensive experience in programming PLC based controllers. They have a diverse knowledge background to competitively tackle very complex projects. We have been able to assist many high profile customers by programming and setting up their PLC system to replace outdated computer based systems. We can:

  • Offer comprehensive PLC programming services that include its concept to commissioning
  • Design and deploy PLC based systems in various industries
  • Develop precise and well documented programs

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