Kinco Automation carries a broad line of rugged AC Variable Frequency Drives for OEM and Industrial applications, combining high performance and cost efficiency into one powerful package. Available in input voltages of 120V and 240V and capable of powering AC motors from 0.25 to 30Hp, these VFDs are great for normal duty and soft-start operation. These drives provide energy savings and increased efficiency, making them ideal for fan, pump, and HVAC applications. They are equipped with a number of different features such as momentary power loss restarts, flying starts, auto-acceleration/deceleration, and sensorless vector control. These features make the VFDs compatible with most AC motors and allow for flexibility within an application. If you require assistance in selecting the appropriate VFD for your application, please contact an our Automation Applications Engineer, we are happy to help.

Kinco CV100 Mini VFD


VFD_CV100 Nashik

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Kinco FV100 VFD



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Kinco CV20 VFD

Kinco VFD_CV20 Nashik


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Solar Based VFD

solar pump inverter

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Invertek Optidrive VFD

Optidrive VFD


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